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See Behind the Walls with Thermal Imaging

The job of a home inspector is to assess and evaluate the overall integrity and structure of a building. The inspector must find any possible issues that could create potential safety concerns in the future. Unfortunately, a home inspection is not invasive, so it can be difficult to see what may lie behind the walls of a building. This is where thermal imaging can help. Thermal imaging is a way to use a special device to detect the various heat signatures in a building. By finding differences in temperature throughout a building, often a home inspector is able to make accurate assumptions about what is happening behind the walls.


Make sure that your home inspector is a licensed thermographer. This is a person who is trained to use the equipment and interpret the results correctly. A thermographer is a professional person that has experience using thermal imaging technology. Using thermal imaging technology, this person is able to interpret the findings discovered using special tools to locate temperature differences throughout the home. If a cool signature is found against a wall, this can be indicative of a possible water leak. Alternatively, if a hot signature is found against the wall, this could mean unsafe electrical conditions. Both of these could spell disaster for the current inhabitants, or new buyers of the building. Understanding what lies behind the walls is a great way to secure your building investment. Trust a professional, like Confidence Building Inspections, to perform thermal imaging on your building today.  If we can ever answer any questions about thermal imaging, please give us a call at (207) 518-0271.

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