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Radon Testing

Thorough Environmental Testing

While a home inspection certainly examines the various systems and structures within the home, it also looks at different environmental testing that might impact the home from the outside. One of the most common environmental tests performed is a radon test. Radon is a naturally occurring element that exists within the ground. Radon is found everywhere in the world, and is generally considered harmless in small quantities. However, in large doses, or in areas where radon is not properly vented, radon can pose some huge health concerns. Often, radon can seep into basements and become trapped without proper ventilation. Environmental testing is an excellent way to ensure you are not subjecting your family to the dangers experienced with radon. Trust a home inspector to perform the appropriate tests to identify possible radon in your home.


Radon testing is a simple test that can take days to perform. A home inspector will install a meter in the home which will monitor the amount of radon over a 48-hour time frame. An inspector is aware of acceptable levels over this time period, and will assess the amount of danger present in your home. Radon, although naturally occurring, comes from the ground. Radon is usually present in the basement. In homes that have recently been constructed, or have had major renovations performed in the basement, radon in the foundation and ground can be disturbed, causing higher than usual levels. Although this can be dangerous, there are proven ways to mitigate radon in the home. Various vents and fans can be added to specifically control radon in the home. A trusted home inspector will be able to perform accurate radon testing to identify any potential radon problems in your home. For your environmental testing needs, trust the experts at Confidence Building Inspections. We are passionate about customer satisfaction and are here to help make the home buying process easier.

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